Why are the Japanese Fascinated with Shropshire Wool?

The materials used in making a mattress can play an important role in providing comfort to the people who want to lay on them. As far as the Japanese folks are concerned, being a big fan of the Shropshire sheep will arouse the curiosity of people all over the world on why such a preference for these materials would be suitable and worthy for mattress buyers these days.

The soft and springy features provided by the Shropshire sheep wool is perhaps the answer to it all. Quality beds are sometimes gauged based on how much comfort they can give to us and for the Japanese, this has certainly caught their attention and apparently a guide on how to market quality beds and mattresses for people looking at quality sleep for themselves.

“We were delighted to host the television crew and to learn that wool from Shropshire sheep was so highly thought of in Japan,” said Mr Spencer.

“Although our main income comes from producing prime lambs for the UK market, the excellent fleece of the Shropshire sheep also plays an important part in the survival of lambs in the spring.

“New-born Shropshire lambs have plenty of wool cover, which is vital during the first few days of life when they need all the protection they can get.”

(Source) Farmers Guardian

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