Nostalgic Boxed Sofas

Nostalgic Boxed Sofas

For the folks going gaga over sofas, here is a nostalgic piece that should easily fit into any living space. The Boxed Sofa from Autobahn comes in a simple, bold and geometric shape and offers a traditional piece that should come in handy any time of the day for rest or for hosting guests.

The sofa does offer a futuristic look, fresh and nostalgic clad in its clean and square mold which should make it easy to fit in any area. The sofa is available in varied makes of solid wood together with complimentary stain options.

The finish can come from a variety of choices, including an American Black walnut finish with a Danish soil, American white oak finished with a Danish or a white oil, European Ash finished with a white oil, or European chestnut finished with either a black stain or brown paint.


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