Nuvola 09 Lounge Chairs

Nuvola 09 Lounge Chairs

Add some more lounge chair options to your list with the Nuvola 09 Lounge Chairs from Gervasoni. The lounge chairs were designed by Paola Navone, fresh and funky pieces which should offer the expected comfort that folks would want in their homes.

The lounge chairs are sturdy and long, constructed using multilayer and solid wood frames. The inviting foam is nestled under a luxurious goose down and polyester fiber, promising more comfort and tempting spells for folks who want to stop and take a break.

They are available in a variety of colors while the quilt is removable.

The fluid shape of the chair and the contemporary design of the upholstery makes the Nuvola 09 lounge chair a one of a kind piece. Serving as the focal point in any living space or bedroom nook, this lounge chair is a perfect choice for your modern design.


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