Pamela Wireframe Chairs and Footrests

Pamela Wireframe Chairs and Footrests

When it comes to furniture, we often look for comfort which would lead to most pieces coming with cushions or some comfortable mold. But the thing is, when we have some snacks, crumbs or any sort of little debris may get caught somewhere in between. But with these wireframe chairs, all that may be avoided.

Looking a lot more like chairs that could be used in the outdoors, the Pamela Wireframe Chairs and Footrests should be something neat to have around any home.

The pieces look a lot like 3D models and are available in a variety of bright sampling colors. They were designed by Dem Bitantes and are available from A. Garcia Crafts.

With the Pamela Wireframe pieces, you can also say goodbye to the usual problems of not being able to find remotes, and other stuff which would eventually be missing and yet be squeezed or hidden in between cushions as they happen most of the time.


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