Rustic Tables come with Integrated Coolers

Rustic Tables come with Integrated Coolers

One thing about holding parties or drinking sprees, ice buckets or access to ice cubes may be a problem. In fact, some may not even have the usual ice buckets or pails to make sure that ice is within reach, not to mention that they may eventually melt if not used immediately.

The Rustic Table seems to have that covered, thanks to the stainless steel spacing built at the top surface. It takes away the need to frequently get up and get some more from the refrigerator. Looking much like a fabricated canal as well, the stainless steel space can alternatively serve as a great solution to avoid spillage of your drinks or when your ice cold beer is perspiring with coldness.

Additionally, the legs of the table are made of pine, which adds to the rustic and sturdy aesthetic of the piece.


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