Shaker Youth Bookcase Bedroom Set

Your little one has grown up far faster than you ever thought possible. One minute you were looking at a little tyke who could barely move around their crib, and the next thing you know, they’re playing with trucks in your living room and doing everything they can to, or so it feels like, drive you crazy! A child growing up can be very difficult to deal with emotionally, and in the wallet, as you suddenly find that you have to buy all new things for your home that you didn’t need to purchase before, including kid’s bedroom furniture.

A child who is growing older and who is able to sleep in their own bed needs to have their own bed, and a choice like the Shaker Youth Bookcase Bedroom Set is a perfect way to give children the space that they need, the larger bed that they need, and the room that they need to hold some of their belongings! The bookcase headboard can hold a number of things like balls and their favorite books, while the nightstand that comes along with the set is the perfect place to put their first alarm clock (although most children don’t necessarily need one!)

This kids bedroom furniture set, by South Shore Furniture, is one that is absolutely perfect for young children, especially for young boys, giving you the chance to give them a bigger place to sleep and also, thanks to the drawers under the bed, a place to store their belongings!

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