Custom Made Sofas from Couch

A home may not always be complete without the traditional sofa and depending on the design preference, it could be costly. But a good alternative is to perhaps contract good designers and furniture makers to create a copycat image to which you may have to pay less.

There are a lot of upholstery makers and designers out there who can get the job done and among them include the likes of Ameer Radwan who manages Couch, a shop located in Fremont. With more than 200 custom made models in their wing, you are bound to find a sofa that may be familiar but costs less. If not, you can perhaps ask them to make you one based on the couch or sofa that you are aching to have but unfortunately cannot afford.

Radwan is proud to be able to provide eco-friendly couches as well. He tells me that to be considered eco-friendly, a couch must be made with Forest Stewardship Council-certified wood, organic latex instead of standard polyurethane foam, and water-based glues and stains on any exposed wood, as well as sustainable, non-chemically treated fabrics. An eco-friendly sofa from Couch will run you about $2,000, much less than the $5,000 $7,000 his competitors ask.

(Source) NWSource

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