The Modi Modular Sofa

Modi Modular Sofa

Myyour and Moredesign offers another piece you can consider for your home with the Modi Modular sofa. With the use of basic elements, the sofas allow potential owners to stack or arrange them in any way as they please.

The sofa is made up of different modules such as a bench seat on a wood frame, an armrest and backrest combination, a corner seat unit and a glass top coffee table. Ideally, they should be great for outdoor use although don’t be surprised if some folks would consider placing them indoors too.

The modules of the Modi Modular Sofa are amply upholstered, all fit snugly which allows them to be easily removed just in case folks decide to let their creative minds get to work. This includes adding an armrest, remove a backrest, turn a single armchair into a bench, or a bench into a sofa.


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