The Pil-low Sofa

The Pil-low Sofa

Combining three essential elements, Redesign offers an interesting piece in the Pil-low sofa. The multi-functional sofa aims to satisfy the essentials of folks seeking comfort in various ways, including that of a pillow as well as some ergonomics in mind.

Of course, it can eventually become a bed when the need arises, offering you a neat multi-purpose seat that can adhere to whatever you (or your guests) would need while not wasting space in the process.

Pil-low is very adjustable, allowing you to transform it and easily offering a bed-like solution when needed. A storage space is likewise available and together with its red metallic support, the Pil-low stands to provide a strong contrast paired with a neutral grey scheme, this should be one sofa that can easily blend in any kind of living space.


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