The Tikin Table

The Tikin Table

Here is another wooden and tropical table for you from Itz Mayan Wood Furniture.

Made of wood salvaged from hurricanes and forest fires, the Tikin Table was designed by Ania Wolowska in a special kind of shape.

It comes in a curvilinear yet triangular tabletop shape, said to be inspired by surfboards to eventually represent an aerodynamic form. It comes with rounded edges and should account for a handy and useful piece which should be neat for homes, inside and out.

Made from precious tropical woods such as Machiche (Black Cabbagebark), Katalox (Mexican Ebony), Granadillo, and Ziricote (Cordia dodecandra) all salvaged from the Mayan Jungle of southern Quintana Roo in Mexico, the table is available in two sizes.


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