Wind Power-based Furniture

Wind Power-based  Furniture

Creating or producing furniture does have its share of power needs but as far as these pieces from Merel Karhof is concerned, everything was made using the wind.

Called as Windworks, these upholstered furniture pieces were made using materials produced using wind, a free energy source that is truly impressive.

She began the collaboration between three millers, that included a saw miller, a color miller, and a knitting miller, where each of the well-preserved windmills in the area produces a different type of raw material.

The prime wood material used gets cut and assembled at the sawmill and then transported by the river to the pigment mill. The yarn is dyed with natural dyes and are then moved to be knitted into the material used for the collection.

Each colored pillow section denotes the amount of time needed by the wind to make it.


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