Adding New Glass Perspectives to Your Home Interiors

Improving your home and making use of great interior designs will always be an option that will surely entice any home owner to consider various design ideas. Among them include interior design ideas such as these ones offered by Omnidecor which offers innovative design trends with its DecoFlou Design new collection. This is certainly something that will spice up any home for the natural and harmonious lines.

Omnidecor® anticipates the most innovative interior design trends with its DecorFlou® Design new collection. Besides Tree, Weed and Celsius decor of the British designer Marc Krusin, and the three patterns Pisis, Quadrio and Rain, the collection has been enriched with the new decor of Defne Koz, designer at international level. Designs in which harmonious lines extend over the glass surface without interruption to create ever-changing perspectives. Elegant, eclectic, practical and strong, DecorFlou® is the perfect solution for a wide variety of applications in architecture and interior design: the glass surface is treated to let plenty of light through and produce unusual light effects while making the glass soft to the touch.

(Source) Glass On Web

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