BED New York Restaurant and a Club

BED New York

Here's a cool restaurant and club that you can eat and party on beds. This was seen in one of the Sex and the City episodes.  They even have memory foam beds so you can be assured to have a very soft and a very good time.

Located in a bi-level penthouse at 530 West 27th Street, BED New York is the first downtown restaurant to combine two dining floors with a 360-degree rooftop view of the sweeping midtown New York skyline. BED New York measures more than 15,000 square feet and can hold up to 620 guests. The design and concept fuses seductive Miami sophistication with modern New York City style.

BED New York has purposefully created a seductive oasis offering a city escape in the midst of the Chelsea neighborhood. From the street, guests enter a private elevator to be taken up to the 6th floor restaurant where they enter the ritual of the BED New York dining experience. Guests are requested to take off their shoes and slip on specially designed slippers to join their friends on the unique bed platforms designed by Tempur Pedic that line the interior. Executive Chef Vitor Cassasola has created a contemporary menu of French/American cuisine with a Brazilian twist, while Bar Chef Willy Shine reinvents the classic cocktail by infusing modern techniques.

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