The BEDDINGE HAVET can be used with BEDDINGE bed storage box and May be completed with SUVERÄN mattress pad 55 1/8×78 3/4″. The sofa bed is easy to keep clean with removable, dry clean only cover. An option of four different mattresses and a variety of covers to create a combination that suits you. The bed can be transformed into a bed big enough for two. There are extra covers are available for variation and renewal. The pliable mattress in high-resilient polyurethane foam and latex molds itself to the shape of your body; has extra long lifespan and is suitable for use every night. The mattress is filled with high resilient polyurethane foam with a top layer of latex; follows the contours of your body and helps keep your backbone straight. Latex facilitates air circulation in the mattress and helps moisture to evaporate.



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