Boeing 747 Transformed to Jumbo Hostel

Earlier this year, there were posts regarding the new implementation of setting up beds in planes, particularly for first class accommodation. This time around, there are plans for the architecture of a Boeing 747 that will be transformed into a Jumbo Hostel. But unlike other aircrafts that have added bed accommodations, this new concept by Oscar Dios will be mainly served on the ground.

The concept is indeed something different. We all know that cases such as delays in flight make it uncomfortable for some passengers and with this Jumbo Hostel around perhaps waiting will no longer be a problem but more of a luxury for them from hereon.

Dios bought the 500-seater jumbo jet, built in 1976, from its last owner Transjet after the air operator went bust in 2002.

The Jumbo Hostel, which will remain grounded at the airport, will begin taking reservations from travellers in December.

If the venture proves successful in Sweden, Dios hopes to open more jumbo jet hostels elsewhere.

(Source) Mail Online

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