Chupa Chup Beds for Your Pet

Chuppa Chups Pet Bed

Who says your pet does not deserve proper bedding? Apparently our dogs need a place to lay in as well and though we see it as something not needed, it can also be considered as a great alternative for them not to sleep on our bed which may not be hygienic at all.

Apparently there are a lot in the market today and Moysa & Dogsfield will be introducing another one soon.

Moysa & Dogsfield has signed a European licensing agreement with confectionary and children’s clothing brand Chupa Chups to use the branding on its pet beds. The company will also be teaming up with German pet product manufacturer Hunter to create pet collars for the collection, which was previewed at Interzoo in Nuremberg, Germany last week and is expected to hit shops in October.

The beds feature Chupa Chups branding and the logo “Party animal” and are available as a crate bed or donut bed in a range of colour options including blue and green, red and yellow or pink and brown. The beds will retail at about €50 (£40). Moysa & Dogsfield is also hoping to introduce a range of harnesses to the collection at a later date.

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