Custom Built Gazebo Floating Bed

Gazebo Floating Bed

Check out this awesome Gazebo Floating Bed that can be custom built from an Iowa company.
This may not be for your living room but may be very good for some high ceiling rooms.

The Floating Bed moves like a true one-point pendulum, evenly in all planes and directions. However, the overhead suspension and the inertial forces created by pendulum motion helps to gently hold the occupants in place. It’s more pleasant than the the tosing lateral rocking motion typical in hammocks, which feel subjectively far less refined. The body and brain subconsciously know and enjoy this motion, which feels secure and nurturing. This results in extraordinarily pleasant dream and resting states, both mental and emotional, for most people. You’ll see what we mean, if you call to try it (and we have a 30 day money back guarantee).

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