DIY – How to make a Bean Bag BED

How to make a Bean Bag BED

How to make a Bean Bag BED 2

Here’s a cool instructable on how to make a bean bag bed. Of course, if you don’t want to build a bean bag BED yourself, you can always get already made Beanbag BED or a ComfySack.

i started out thinking about building a beanbag, but being the prototypically exuberant man’s man that i am i thought: “i am going to go huge! why make a beanbag just like everyone else? i’ll make the biggest, baddest beanbag evah!!!”

Well in the end i did make the biggest baddest beanbag evah, but i think any practical assessment would say that it is too large to be convenient (eg: hard to get through doorways and tends to fill all available floor area in room). But I learned enough through this effort that I can advise you, dear reader, how to build a most useful and practical beanbag sofa should you want to do so.

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