Equip Your Space with Bed Bath and Beyond

Equip Your Space

It is not only the bookstores who are cramming of preparing the back-to-school rush for students. Even the bed companies such as Bed Bath and Beyond have their share of trying to provide solutions to students going off to college.

This stems form the fact that in their normal dormitories, they will not have the luxury of space in the process. They have to find the right stuff to fit into their dorms and with this program, “Equip your Space” from Bed Bath and Beyond, you are sure to see a handful of students trying to find bed and furniture fit for their unfurnished dorms.

Bed Bath & Beyond this month began back-to-college merchandising while many secondary schools were still in session.

The company reprised its “Equip Your Space” campaign with ceiling banners and shelf signs, along with a college checklist distributed via tearpads on endcaps, during the week of June 9 — becoming the first retailer to (unofficially) roll out back-to-school activity this year. The campaign broke in Chicago before many school districts had wrapped up the 2007-2008 academic year.

(Source) In-Store Marketing

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