Erickson Platform Bed

Very few people live in a black and white world; we like traditional furnishings but we have a modern flair when it comes to our linens. We like spare contemporary lines but homey prints on the walls. If you have an eclectic person, it may be hard to find a bed that suits all of your interests and tastes. Traditional wooden beds may be too heavy: modern beds may be too austere. Platform beds are perfect solution to those who love to combine and create their own looks. Lean and sleek, they satisfy the contemporary in all of us, but you can also find great models with traditional touches for added warmth. You don’t have to sacrifice a bit of your style to get the perfect bed.

The Erickson Platform Bed is the ideal choice if you like the best of all worlds. Platform beds do not need a box spring, so the Erickson maintains a low profile. This can lend an Asian or European flair to your bedroom if you choose, but it also creates a modern look. The dark gunmetal-finished frame features clean, sharp lines so popular in modern platform beds. If we love contrasts or crave some warmth, the Erickson provides that too. The headboard is cushioned in a light stone microfiber fabric, providing a touch of softness and light to contrast the sleek frame. The Erickson is a great choice and will look wonderful in a variety of decors. Your décor is unique to you: this bed will offer endless options for enhancing the beauty of your bedroom.

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