Flexible Exercise Beds

Exercise Bed

Exercise Bed

Exercise is something that not too many people are quite fond about especially when they are in bed. Normally, beds that can help people with deficiencies normally in the hospitals are given specialized beds to assist them and avoid movement in times of pain. But these days, pain is not restricted to hospitals as people in homes have current problems of their own such as obesity and limited movement.

While most of us are encouraged to turn to exercise for better lives, beds pose a threat in getting it done. At times we find ourselves too lazy to get out of bed but with this new invention by surgeon Charles Filipi, this flexible exercise bed may soon be the answer to all these problems.

He says that many obese patients are required to exercise as part of their treatment. But getting them into a standing position can involve numerous staff and finding a treadmill for them to work out on can be even more time consuming.

When the patient needs to exercise, the bed slowly tips into the vertical position, planting the treadmill onto the ground ready to be used. That means a person can always access the treadmill easily, with minimal assistance from anyone else.

(Source) New Scientist Tech

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