Get Your Baby the Hushamok Hammock

Hushamok Hammock

Hushamok Hammock

Who needs cribs with the modern styled baby hammocks available in the market today? The Hushamok Hammock does indeed look trendy and fashionable for the modern child and with its stylish features, it seems that a baby can be put to sleep better with its design.

It has been advised to keep the baby away from their folks to avoid being among the victims of SIDS and with this trendy design, you are not only changing baby sleep practices but employing a modern and stylish look inside our bedroom.

The design of Hushamok is certainly something to look at; the stylish stand would be at home in any room and is available in lightweight aluminum, sustainable European beech or lightweight steel. The hammock is made of 100% organic cotton, is machine-washable and comes in a dazzling array of colors including bright green, orange and pink. A unique feature is the patented leaf spring which connects the hammock to the stand and once baby is inside, gently sways with a natural motion to help lull baby into the land of nod.

Other design elements of the Hushamok include a slight elevation at head level which helps to prevent acid reflux and the snug design together with the gentle swaying motion of the hammock may help prevent colic in some babies. Flat-head syndrome can also be avoided by putting babies to sleep on their backs.

(Source) Gizmag

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