Mothers Get Less Sleep Due To Baby Gadgets


According to a new study, the reason why new mothers get less sleep is due to their dependence on gadgets like baby monitors. While their own mothers got about  six hours of sleep every night, today’s parents average just three and a half, according to Mother & Baby magazine.

Elena Dalrymple, the editor of Mother & Baby, said: “Just as a watched kettle never boils, so a watched baby never sleeps, and rigging up complicated baby monitoring systems may just be a step too far.”The pressure modern parents find themselves under is enormous, especially mums. It is primarily mums who do the night-time baby duty, yet many are also back at work full-time by the time baby is six months old. Dads need to pull their weight.

“Parents-to-be have no idea how the lack of sleep a baby brings will devastate their lives. If you’re only getting three and a half hours’ sleep night after night, and sometimes less, you’ll most likely take your frustration and anger out on your partner.

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