Human Touch Zero Gravity Chair Review! [Best Office Product at Las Vegas Market]

At Las Vegas Market this week, I noticed Human Touch’s showroom, they had some really nice looking zero-gravity chairs (actually the one pictured above) sitting out in front.

Well, last year I bought one of those cheapy $60 outdoor zero-gravity chairs from my local sports retailer.   I had been looking for something that I could use inside my office and this is the most comfortable office chair I have tried period.

I already have been benefiting from my current el-cheapo zero-gravity chair but really leaning towards the Human Touch upgrade.

The buck doesn’t stop there though, this Human Touch Zero Gravity Chair is actually “motor-driven”, it uses a super-quiet motor that will position your body into the perfect zero-gravity position.  (There’s also a manual model too, which is just as good!)

Remember I did a review of the Vivon adjustable mattress couple days back?  Well, these two furniture gadgets are probably the best I’ve seen for relieving your back and also working longer times in front of a computer.

Who do I recommend this product to?

If you work in front of a computer all day and/or you have back problems, getting a zero-gravity chair will help you relieve all that stress from sitting in the wrong position.  What I do is take my laptop and with a zero-gravity chair fully stretched out, it’s the perfect position to use your laptop.

Buy This Featured Model Human Touch PC95: (Motor Powered)

On for $1,899
On Amazon .com for $1999.00

Buy Same Model without Motor – Human Touch PC6: (Manual)

On for $1,599

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