Making New Furniture out of Old Homes or Barns

Recycled Table Furniture

Raw materials in making furniture do not need to come from current or new resources. We see old homes that are normally torn down in lieu of a new one and the scraps or the old wood that normally comes down with it are surely to be of use if you think about it.

Call it a matter of recycling and putting ingenuity into place, old home materials can be used to make new furniture. In fact, if you think about it, newly made woodworks such as tables or chairs may eventually look like they have been around for some years now. All it takes is to put them together and create a finished product out of recycled wood.

Fogg says that 15 percent to 20 percent of the wood he uses is recycled from old homes and barns.

Out of this fir, yellow pine and other enduring wood, he makes something new, but always with an eye on the simple elegance of the American past.

“The idea,” he said, pointing to his newly finished table, “is to make furniture that looks like it’s been around for 200 years.”


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