Making the Wise Bed Choices

Luxury Bed with TV

We all overlook the value of a good bed. To most people, as long as it can be laid upon, nothing else matters. It is this kind of attitude that makes us wonder what makes the higher priced and luxurious beds different from the cheap standard ones we see in the market today.

The investment you make on beds is important. We all have our own ways of working hard and mostly we find ourselves on the go. Beds are different in terms of quality and make. While we want to design our homes, it would be best to stop a while and see how beds can be given the same level of importance as far as getting quality rest from it is concerned.

“As soon as you look in the room, you want the bed to be the focal point,” said interior designer Danie Dunn, owner of Danie Dunn Designs, in Kansas City, Mo. “People spend more money on their kitchen and don’t even know how to cook. Your bedroom should be your most important priority.”

Sure, it’s important that your bed fit the room and your body. But beyond all practical considerations, a bed is the one furnishing in your home that needs to be, well, fabulous.

“You want it luxurious,” Dunn said. “You want that at-home-in-your-castle feeling. You’re the queen.”


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