Ancient Gargoyles in Modern Home Designs

We have heard of various beliefs as far as keeping bad spirits away from our home. Turning to Feng Shui has been one of them and apparently there is another one at the moment. They go by the name of Gargoyles.

Home Gargoyle Designs

Sounds familiar right? Well we see them in movies and museums, supposedly to fight of evil spirits. They are categorized guardians of the keep but as far as homes are concerned, would you put one in your home? Better yet, would you want it to be the first thing that a visitor would see once they walk up to your front door?

The normal answer would be no. But if you are that superstitious, then maybe you would place a small one for the sake of protection and legendary beliefs. It all depends on culture and beliefs of the home owner. Placements of gargoyles don’t have to be that big or stunning to really scare out demons and spirit. A small one that can probably blend well will do. Just check out Gary Chang’s collection so you can see how they can mix well with the modern home.

(Source) Inventor Spot

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