Coco-mat Introduces Power Nap Concepts In Soho

Shopping for mattresses can be exhausting, and that is why we are often tempted to just crash onto them in stores. However, while most stores disapprove on this, not all are so rigid.  Coco-mat, an all-natural mattress store in  Soho in New York has introduced a cool “napping room” concept. The room lets harried and tired customers take a power nap without any cost or liabilities.
The owner of the shop is of Greek descent and hence the unique business approach. Says he:
“In Greece, we want to show that everything is transparent. This is the policy of our company, to show that our mattresses are the best in the world. I have no trouble if they misuse [the service]. If you come here with your friends for a handful of naps and don’t buy anything, that’s OK.”
Via Mattresszine


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