Furniture Designers Behind Bars

Now this is something you don’t hear or see everyday. While we are looking for the people who make quality furniture available in the market, there are people in prison who happen to create furniture and they are pretty good. Convicted due to one reason or another, it is indeed rare you see that a person who could have been jailed for creating heinous crimes can actually make good furniture while serving his time.

Perhaps it is part of their rehabilitation program but at least you know that the program works and may even become one of their new career for a new lease on life when and if they are pardoned or released from jail. Who knows?

You can even watch a video of it here.

All up there are just over 4,000 prisoners in work or training – around 65 percent of the sentenced prison population.

“Eventually they are going to have to be released and one day they might be your neighbour, like to think we’ve done a good job of training them to become a modern citizen,” Peter Hosegood from the Department of Corrections says. “It’s not always the case, but we like to try.”

(Source) 3News

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