Jeanine Naviaux’s Eco-Friendly Beach End Table

Having a party near the beach, well you don’t have to worry anymore about finding ideal tables to place as far as food arrangements are concerned. Apparently, the lack of tables to use outside the standard buffet tables are an issue to be resolved and the proper accent on end tables have to be addressed. With that in mind, you may want to check out this Jeanine Naviaux’s Eco-Friendly beach end table.

With a concern for beauty and sustainability, Naviaux shares many of the values central to Spark. The Beach End Table, made from recycled wood and eco-sustainable raffia cloth, is representative of a shift that environmentally-conscious designers are making toward greener methods of design. By utilizing materials that are durable and renewable such as bamboo in many of her designs, Naviaux is saving the planet one room at a time.

(Source) OpenPR

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