Live Green Walls

For people who want to have something different, putting up a “Living Wall” in a manner of speaking is something that is bound to gain interest. And for David Buscher, a massive installation of greenery is perhaps the best way to go about it, taking the concept of outdoor living designs to the next level.

With its green wall, Bluehouse is on the cutting edge of an interior design trend that’s slowly making its way into the United States from Europe and Canada, where it has been more heartily embraced.

Outdoor living walls – which are sort of vertical green roofs – are still novelties, too, but increasingly popular.

You can just imagine the number of living plants used to create this green living wall. On how many it may be, the fact remains that Buscher was really able to create something unique and living to dramatize the eco-friendly designs aimed at improving green living.

(Source) Baltimore Sun

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