Lushy Leaf Coverings for your Outer Walls

People have never realized the actual use of seeing veins or leafy plants covering the outer walls of their home. In fact, some have done away with them. But after reading this article which narrates how having such lushy leafy coverings can help act as insulators, it may not be surprising to see most home owners growing them back again.

One thing about global warming is that the temperature levels are different. When you talk about heat, walls will have their share of becoming a factor in proper home temperatures. Plants and leaves can help bring down the usual problem of depending on air conditioners since they act as insulators which is something that has been overlooked. Perhaps people thought they were merely for design? Well apparently they serve more purpose than that.

Green walls can be excellent insulators, reducing the temperature fluctuation of a building by as much as 50% – which means less need for heating or air conditioning, so lower carbon emissions. The plants act as pollution and noise filters, and can reduce localised flooding, as they absorb rainwater rather than letting it run straight into the drains. They also provide food and shelter for insects and birds, increasing biodiversity.

(Source) Times Online

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