PC Bay Computer Toaster

CrazyPC 2.5 Bay Toaster

CrazyPC 2.5 Bay Toaster

We have seen a lot of weird things to enhance our computers but surely this makes sense. When we wake up in the morning, the first thing we may want to check is our email or read the online newspapers. While in front of the computer, one thing you would want is your morning coffee and some toast to go. But one thing you may not want is to spend time heating that old loaf since time is of essence especially if you have to get ready for work. With the CrazyPC 2.5 Bay Toaster, you save lots of time.

Just install it in one of your PC’s docking bay, place your bread and wait a couple of minutes and you can reach for your toasted bread. It may be unconventional for most but a concept that is surely a time saver.

Price: $29.99

(Source) Gearlive

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