Protect-A-Bed Selects SpeedTax Software

The bed business requires efficiency and settling taxes is one of them. Apparently, the issue of proper tax computations is necessary and to simplify the process, Protect-A-Bed has selected SpeedTax as its Software-as-a-Service to help come up with efficient management of such issues.

When Protect-A-Bed expanded its sales channel in October 2008 with a new showroom in New York, and a new Chicago office in June 2008 that houses 31,000 square feet of warehouse storage, nexus was created in several states. In order to efficiently report and comply with sales tax in these states, Protect-A-Bed wanted to find an automated system that would always be up to date and run seamlessly with Sage Accpac ERP, the company’s existing business management system.

The installation was handled by Jan Goodman of Arxis Technology, a California-based provider of technology consulting services and an authorized SpeedTax Business Partner. Already working with Chamy and her staff on various projects, Goodman presented SpeedTax as the solution that would most closely meet Protect-A-Bed’s needs.

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