Royal Mattress Sponsors Free Sleep Clinic

Royal Mattress

Here is something for the people who have an issue with bed and sleep. Apparently the best way to understand how to get great sleep is where they would lay on. We have seen dozens of beds which boast of various qualities and why they should be considered over the standard beds we see in the shops today but know little on why we should do so.

Royal Mattress has taken the initiative to hold a series of sleep clinics at the company’s Burlington factory on June 5 at 7p.m. This will allow people who have a question or two to get acquainted on the value of beds and why they should be categorized as such.

Royal Mattress is teaming up with Dr. Howard Awad of the Oakville Sleep Medicine Centre for the public educational sessions. He will address sleep issues and concerns like insomnia, snoring and sleep apnea.

The topic for the first sleep clinic will be snoring.

(Source) Burlington Post

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