Sunbeds Can Lead to Cancer


Here is a piece of advice to people who love to get a tan using sunbeds. Stop the usual practice! Well for one thing, we all know nothing beats the real deal of getting natural tan from the beaches or by the pool the standard way. Some people like to improvise and such is done on sunbeds which are now said to be dangerous and may eventually lead to cancer.

Actually, younger people have to be more careful. Being at a stage where their skin cells are still delicate, turning to these sunbeds may in turn lead them towards growing skin diseases. It damages the DNA of their skin and from there, we all know that nothing good will really come out of it.

Cancer Research UK carried out research to look at the dangers of tanning salons and sunbeds.

They found in their research that 82% of sunbed users go to the tanning salon before the age of 35-years old.

The problem with this is, younger people have more delicate and sensitive skin.

Going into a tanning salon and hopping on a sunbed has been found to greatly damage your skin.

Dr. Kat Arney of Cancer Research UK stated it can damage your DNA in your skin cells, and increase skin cancer risk.


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