The Hazards of an Inflatable Bed

This is the season where most people would have to make room and beds for visitors such as relatives and friends who may want to sleep over. And one of the keen bed alternatives we know of are the inflatable beds that are handy and often kept in storage, only to be taken out when needed such as seasons as now.

But while that is a good solution, make sure you are aware of avoiding having babies and kids sleeping on them. They have some health hazards you should watch out and if you are not careful, you may end up experiencing tragedies rather than sweet sleep for the holidays.

“The danger arises when they are used for babies and infants aged under the recommended age, and in particular babies and infants less than 12 months old,” he said.

“It is important that an infant’s face must not come in direct contact with the mattress or side of a bed.”

Gaps between the side of a bed and the mattress can also entrap a child’s head.

“When very young children are in a dangerous position they may not have the strength to reposition themselves as an older child would. This can cause suffocation, whether the contacting surface is made of plastic or fabric.”

(Source) Adelaide Now

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