Vintage Bed and Headboard

The reason why platform beds have become the single most popular decorating choice in Europe is because they are economical, space saving and incredibly beautiful. Many different furniture companies have introduced modern platform beds into North America, but some folks are hesitating to switch over. The truth is that platform beds reduce your decorating costs significantly because they don’t need a box spring. They also take up less room than a regular bed, which means you have more space to add that perfect touch you have been looking for.

The Vintage Bed and Headboard is a beautiful example of how a platform bed can change a room’s look instantly. Featuring a classic cherry finish and a look you are sure to love, the Vintage Bed and Headboard is all about transforming your existing look at a price you can afford. Made from the highest quality particle board and featuring a laminate finish you have to see to believe, the Vintage Bed and Headboard can stand up to daily use and heavy traffic. Bedroom furniture like this used to cost an arm and a leg, but with the Vintage Bed and Headboard, it doesn’t have to any longer.

South Shore Furniture is the company responsible for this wonderful design, and they are also responsible for many other wonderful discount platform beds. If you are ready to bring your bedroom into the 21st century, look to South Shore Furniture to offer you the best designs for the smallest price. With South Shore Furniture by your side, you can’t go wrong.