Hélio DAB Radio


Those who think radios are passé think again. Check out the uber cool Hélio DAB Radio, which has been, equipped with  transparent colorful solar Grätzel panels, which add vibrancy to the design. Vegetable Ink has been used on the Grätzel solar panels and the radio also features a minimalistic LED panel.

“A new generation of solar cells has been born: thin, colored, translucent and even flexible. The source of this revolution is EPFL (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne), where Professor Michael Graetzel, inspired by plant photosynthesis, began to use molecules from colorants to transform the sun’s light into electricity. His work drew heavy praise from the scientific community, resulting in a World Technology Award. While many other technological developments have followed, designers need to take advantage of the extraordinary potential of these “dye-sensitized” solar cells.”

Via Yanko Design

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