iPhone App Aims to Make Homes Secure


A new app for the iPhone has been introduced, offering security for people who are worried about what could possibly be going on while they are away. Thanks to Alarm.com, home owners can control their homes remotely without borders via this app for the iPhone or the Blackberry.

The new mobile apps are fully integrated with Alarm.com’s remote security and monitoring offering, connecting Alarm.com customers to their security systems from anywhere at any time.

The new mobile app allows users to:

  • Instantly arm and disarm their security systems remotely
  • Watch real-time video footage and recorded video clips showing events that happened while they were away
  • See what doors, cabinets and windows are currently open and where there has recently been motion activity at their property
  • Access a history of all events reported by the security system, including alarms, power failures, doors and windows opening, motion activity, and water leaks

“In developing the Alarm.com mobile apps for iPhone and BlackBerry, we focused on making it easy for consumers to monitor and control their security systems using devices they already understand and carry with them all the time,” said Alison Slavin, Alarm.com’s VP of Product Management.

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