DIY: Cool Coke Can Torch

Instructables has some fantastic DIY projects listed but a lot of them unfortunately don’t look very professional. However, that is not the case with the Coke Can Torch which has a very quirky and kitschy vibe to it. Having such a cool torch would make sure you don’t stumble helplessly in the dark.
Things you would need:

1 Torch bulb (Standard – NOT threaded)2 AA (R6) Batteries or 2No C (R14) Batteries. (You will NOT need to make the battery holder if using size C)1 Large cereal box to make the main body parts (24cm or 91/2″ long) Bigger boxes tend to have stronger board1 Coke can for making the bulb holder and switch mechanism1 Length of thin parcel wrapping string – Approximately 200 cm or 80 inch for making a grip1 Small square of cooking tin foil for making a reflector1 Food colouring to dye the board (Water based are best or coloured inks) Dyes worked better than paints.1 A small quantity of varnish to seal the cardboard parts. Acrylic varnishes are good.1 Tube of super glue or other quick drying glue1 Paint brush1 Pair of scissors1 Scalpel or craft knife1 A paper hole puncher

For the rest of the instructions go here.

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