DIY: Retro Rocket Lamp

Looks like there is a retro theme going on here, today at Bedzine. After the Retro TV Alarm Clock, we put the spotlight on the Retro Rocket Lamp. However, this vintage beauty cannot be purchased and you have to make it at home. Relax, it is easier than it looks and requires five to six hours of work. For full instructions go to Instructables.

Things Needed:
1. Fish bowls
2. Stickers
3. Magic script
4. Utility knife
5. Gorilla glue or plastic bind glue
6. Heat gun
7. HDU polyurethane boards
8. Astronaut toy
9. Cat toy
10. Ping pong balls
11. Metallic paint of silver, gold, bronze and pearl white
12. Wires
13. Switches
14. LEDs for decoration and LEDs for lighting

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