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The Paris 919 Rug

Here is a rag to perk up your in-home interiors in a snap. The Paris 919 rug provides a romantic depiction of two Paris lovers, rendering a bright, bold and French design that should fit in well with any home.

The Paris 919 rug was designed by Jean-Charles de Castelbajac for Toulemonde Bochart and is quite an ultra-modern piece. The rug may not necessarily fit into standard homes but once it does find one to fit perfectly, you can bet that suc

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Band-Aid Carpets

Here is something that should perk up your home interiors in a jiffy. Created by Ricardo Garza Marcos, the Band-Aid Carpets look like an overgrown band aid which should be something unique and different to have for any home.

Place it in your living room or maybe snug it over your own bedroom and have something different from the traditional rug design pieces. Marcos obviously took his inspiration from the common band aid but too bad it is not o

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Activated Carbon Cloths

Here is something for your home. That is if this special cloth would be made available commercially. The Activated Carbon Cloth was actually developed more than three years ago with the intent of attracting contaminants and protect soldiers from possible chemical attacks.

The cloth is now being groomed to remove contaminants from flowing liquids, air and even wounds. The cloth is marketed under the name Captiv8 Activated Carbon C

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ADUM is a new low pile rug from IKEA US. Retailing on IKEA US for $49.99, the rug is made of  polypropen which minimizes shedding. The rug is also soft thanks to the thick pile which  creates a soft surface for your feet. Good to know The rug is machine-woven. Use STOPP anti-slip underlay under the entire rug for increased safety. STOPP anti-slip underlay can be used on all types of flooring, even those with under

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Select Rugs Unveils 400 College and NFL Area Rugs

For the sports fans, particularly the ones hooked on football, Select Rugs has announced the release of a new line of rugs for your home improvement needs. Over 400 College and NFL area rugs offered in multiple design options are available.

Select Rugs NCAA Rugs are made of a very durable and soft Nylon, and have a non slip backing. Each rug is custom made in the USA, and are available in 4 sizes, each rectangular in shape. NFL team

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The GILDA KVÄLL is a new rug from IKEA US. Available for $119.00, its available in navy blue and is a perfect accessory foe your room this winter. Its high pile creates a soft surface for your feet and also dampens sound and the rug is machine-woven.

Designer: Jon Eliason Product dimensions Length: 7 ‘ 10 ” Width: 5 ‘ 7 ” Pile coverage: 7.70 oz/sq ft Max. pile length: ½ ”

Length: 240 cm Width: 170 cm Pile coverage: 2350 g/m² Max. pile length: 10 mm

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Carpet Tiles Legato

Home owners who are aching to put some ambiance into their homes may want to check out this special offering from Install-It-Myself. They are offering a 10% off on all orders of Legato carpet tiles until July 4, 2009 which should really be a great deal for home interior enthusiasts.

Legato carpet tiles are perfect for the do-it-yourselfer who doesn’t want the hassle of a traditional carpet installation and wants more than the ‘commercial’ look that is typically associated with carpet tile. The 10% discount offer can be redeemed by placing an order through t

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The KAJSA STEN is a new duvet and pillow cover from IKEA US. Retailing for $49.99, the set has been designed by Anna Salander. For more information check out the product page here.

Key features Combed cotton; gives the bedlinen a soft feel and an extra smooth and even surface. Satin-woven cotton; gives the bedlinen extra luster and softness. Bedlinen densely woven from fine yarn; soft and durable quality.

Please Note: This is product is not affiliated with Keetsa or Bedzine and cannot b

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Kohler Flipside Shower

Nothing like a good shower to invigorate the mind and the body. Hence I loved the new Kohler Flipside hand shower, which makes showering a unique and fun experience. The shower has four modes which are:

“KOVERAGE – for a traditional, everyday shower with maximum water coverage that is perfect for the morning shower routine (green) • KOTTON – streams a layer of dense, soft, enveloping downpour of relaxation that caresses your skin (yellow) • KOMOTION – a drenching spray that delivers an exhilarating, circular pattern to refresh the senses after a tightl

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The Bearskin Rug

The Bearskin rug by Eelko Moorer doesn’t look inviting from any angle however as they say; different strokes for different folks. Designed by Eelko Moorer, the rug is made from hand-cast urethane rubber and can be purchased from here for $9,800.00.

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