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InStyle Home Collection Canopie


InStyle offers a great addition to many bedrooms as far as style and protection is concerned. A great addition for people who want to make sure that they are fully protected from mosquitoes that may infect or carry diseases, this is a good way to protect your sensitive skin and your children from contracting such a disease.

The InStyle Home Collection Canopie is made of 100% polyester carrying a feminine touch suitable for any female themed bedding ensemble. It comes in solid pink, lavender and white color and is made from China.

Great accessory to so many girls̵

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Rye Straw Screen

This room divider screen from Farm 21 is a limited edition screen that lets nature into your bedroom without invading your space.  This wondrous tri-part screen is made from panels of laminated rye straw encased in resin and acrylic. Good as a space divider, sculpture or simply a source of inspiration for those who lament the lack of Mother Nature’s presence in urban time, this work of art

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