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Cork and Clay Lamps

Cork and Clay Lamps

Here is another neat cork (and clay)-based creation, something which should look utterly good in your home. The Cork And Clay Lamps are shaped gently and manually, carefully crafted to render an eye-catching piece which should certainly be another added piece to perk up your living space.

The clay shade provides the necessary weight for the good suspension of the lamp and conceals colourful motifs that are discovered when the light is switched on.

Available in three different designs, t

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The Fling Lamp

The Fling Lamp

This L-shaped lamp may seem somehow familiar, but regardless is something which should give any room the needed lighting with a touch of green.

The Fling Lamp designed by Kristina Kallstrom-Gernes makes use of the expected LED technology for more energy efficient lighting where needed and is something you can easily place on any wall.

The lamp is made from traditional Swedish wooden veneer and promises to give a warm and subtle glow any time and anywhere.

The Fling lamp carries a mi

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All Tied Up with a Corset Lamp

Corset Lamp

The Corset Lamp should be another nifty piece to have in your home. Playing along the lines of contemporary to modern lighting element that people will surely find handy, this lamp requires some effort on your part, not that technical but more of a puzzle that needs to be completed.

The components which include cork, wooden elements and the bulb with cord should be easy to understand as far as assembly goes. A corset of course is the final piece in the lamp, something which i

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The Swarm Lamp

Swarm Lamp

Well here is an unusual lamp for you. The swarm lamp comes in a somewhat bug-like form made of glass and wood.

Created by the Jangir Maddadi Design Bureau, the Swarm Lamp is a Scandinavian looking lighting piece which should be neat to place in a hanging or suspended manner.

The lamp is flexible and can be positioned in different angles. The wooden portion may make the lamp look unbalanced, but depending on the position and where it w

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A Cone Pendant Lamp you can Do Yourself

Here is a project which you can easily take on. The Cone Pendant lamp is something which you can easily create.

The primary materials you would need include that of a machine screw, a hex nut, marker, craft knife, tape, a flat and fire-retardant material and a cord set and bulb.

The do-it-yourself process does seem familiar so it would be easy to somehow fabricate or even come up with your own version with varying materials to use.

For the folks who w

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Bucketlights should add more flare to your home


We all know how plants (in homes) could somehow infuse a sense of serenity, not to mention provide a natural and better breathable environment. And on that though, designer Roderick Vos offers these Bucketlight in all look should be perfect for any home interior.

Not only do you get a natural-air rendering addition as well as a functional piece which you can easily hang anywhere in the room for the proper lighting that most folks would certainly want in thei

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Rocking Mushroom Lamps

Rocking Mushroom Lamps

Though I cannot remember, these Mushroom Lamps do look readily familiar. Regardless though, this is the first time I have seen of a rocking lamp, something which should be an attention-capturing piece.

The Mushroom Lamp was a result of a collaboration between Nick Rennie and Ligne Roser, this is actually a redeveloped version of something which came out in 2002.

The lamp apparently rocks for some time before coming to a halt and in a standing positi

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The Blom Table Lamp

The Blom Table Lamp

Here is another table lamp you can consider having. The Blom Table lamp is something reportedly inspired by the natural growth of flowers, offering a fluid glow of designed petals wrapped in overlapping rows of soft white shapes.

The result of the shades is a patterned and translucent mix of petals which are evidently held sternly by a base which incorporates grain patterns for that organic appeal.

The imagery is the brightly colored cloth covered cord casually

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Limited Edition Century cabinets

Century cabinets

Here is a piece which should spice up your place a bit. Sideboards or cupboards in this case will indeed come in handy and if you want a limited edition piece, this artistic cabinet which showcases centuries of familiar headlines should give your living space some lift.

Only 100 of these limited edition Century Cupboards will be made, rendering a hallmark of history encapsulated with 20th century newspaper headlines clad in

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Intriguing Eden Wooden Lamps

Eden Wooden Lamps

Dead branches or other large scale waste could be useful and Studio Sebastian Dillmann somehow shows us how with these Eden Wooden Lamps.

The lamps are handmade and make use of natural waste which can be found in Dutch woods. The supposedly dead branches which many would perhaps see lying around forests or other tree-filled areas, are cut into slices and eventually form the base of the said lamps.

The result is a timeless looking lamp which should be neat to have in homes, another e

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