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A Shelfie for Bikers


Shelves are indeed a useful piece to have in homes and for the ones into biking, here is a solution to keep your bikers in place.

The Shelfie is something which should keep your bike stocked up properly, not to mention turn it into a temporary piece of art as far as room interiors are concerned.

The special rack should hang on to your bike when not in use, providing storage as well for your cycling stuff so that you can have an organized and easy way to pull them out onc

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Round Square Cabinets

Round Square Cabinets

In what looks like another mind-twisting piece, the Round Square Cabinets should be something aesthetic and functional you can consider for placement in your home.

Designed by Studio Thier & Vandaalen, the piece combines a common looking wooden frame stand which somehow protects a bubble that was specially molded to fit internally.

The glass sphere (or the bubble) is enclosed in the wenge wooden framework, that should capture your gu

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The Complex Lasso Lamp

Lasso Lamp

In what should be another sculptural lighting solution which you may want to have in your home, Dokkedesign offers the Lasso Lamp, a complex looking lighting piece which should add more flare and illumination to areas inside your home.

The lamp features interconnecting acrylic glass objects which eventually form a complex floating while. The translucent and overlapping layers diffuse and shed off light whether it is on or off, offering a new twist as far as l

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The Mona Lighting

The Mona Lighting

They are said to be domes to serve as shells for additional lighting features for home owners but one cannot help but avoid considering them as solider helmets which should tackle on former classic sci-fi flicks such as Star Wars or even Battlestar Galactica.

Regardless, the Mona Lighting designed by Lucie Koldova for Brokis should be a neat add to any home, domes with tinted glass which can either be supported by lanyard straps or bases which can turn them into

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Lighting Up Lofts with Inside Light

Inside Light

How can you improve an already seemingly great looking home? Well touching on the “lighter” side of things could be a great idea.

Something perhaps like this renovation made over at a loft located in TriBeCa NYC. The three bedroom loft was a beneficiary from a keen project called “Inside Light” which eventually dramatically improved internal lighting.

All this was of course made possible through a series of mirrored surfaces which aided in the reflection

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Kolo Magnet Lamps

Kolo Magnet Lamps

The Kolo Magnet lamp somehow takes the mechanics of an hourglass, allowing you to change its display as you would expect from the sand-based time telling piece.

The only thing about it right now that rather than a clock, it is used as a lighting solution, making use of movable magnets to shield and control the lighting intensity.

The Kolo Magnet lamps carry a certain modern flavor, something made of acrylic glass and plywood. Falling sand

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Crystal Rock Lighting

Crystal Rock Lighting

Here are some neat looking lamps, well rock-based in a way which should be cool to hang or place around.

The Crystal Rock Lights come from designer Arik Levy, finely sculpted pieces which were precisionly cut and encasing LED lighting to produce a unique kind of lighting solution that folks will surely enjoy having around.

The gem-shaped pendants should give out the ample lighting you would want, glowing nicely to provide the necessary

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Different Kinds of Shade

Take-Off Light

Lighting is important and normally it would depend on the type of lamp you would use. Of course on that note, shading would play an important role, especially if you talk about room ambiance.

And with the help of the Take-Off Light by Fiffti Fiffti, all that should be a snap.

Laser-perforated paper shades allow folks to pick out or better yet poke tiny triangles to render a desired pattern which the shade would display once it is turned on.


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Lace-patterned Afillia Lighting

Afillia Lighting

Here are some more mesmerizing lighting solutions for you, the Afillia Lighting collection which should be neat for overall interior improvement and functionality.

The Afillia Lighting lamps were designed by Alessandro Zambelli, a result of hand-crafted woodwork made possible with the help of 3D printing technology.

The eventual result are intricate diffusers which come in lace-like patterns and geometric pinholes, eventually rendering a shadow which glows out focus and compact halos wher

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Sara and Bob Glass Bulb Lamps

Sara and Bob Glass Bulb Lamps

Transparent and made of glass, the Sara and Bob lamps should be something neat to have for your home, aesthetically pleasing and of course functional.

The Sara and Bob Glass lamps were designed by Dan Yeffet, each shaped by the intersection of two glass volumes and composed of different colors.

The eye-catching lamps should be perfect for your room, or any area in your abode as it seems to be designed to easily blend in with any contemporary to moder

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