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My Deco Website

No need to splurge big bucks on a architect while planning your room. Just check out the Planner section of the My Deco website which provides an one stop solution to all your designing needs! I  actually tried it out and its quite neat.

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The Modern Multi-Purpose Kitchen Table

The kitchen will always bring you to think as the place to get and cook food. It normally has the stove, oven and the refrigerator and once you get hungry, a snack or two is just a reach away.

But modern times have changed and some homes have integrated a kitchen with the standard dining table. Perhaps you may see these styles, normally in Japanese restaurants, where you can see your food being cooked in front of you and dine afterwards. Guess what? There is a kitchen table tha

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Make Your Dining Homely and in Style

Some people would prefer to eat at classy restaurants due to ambiance and of course the elegance that they bring. But for most home owners, tidying up and spicing the traditional dining room can save you time and money if you put your mind into it.

There are a lot of ideas to consider. The dining table and chairs and of course you surroundings. Taking everything as a whole can produce something more elegant and economical as far as homes are conce

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Enjoy the Fall with these Decorating Tips

The change of weather is sure to be an adjustment period where you would have to change clothing choices or even perhaps a change in lifestyle. But when you are staying at home, you don’t have to leave it all to the gadget adjustments on your usual air conditioners or heating system. A change of design outlook can pretty much make the difference and here are some tips you can try to

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Plotting Satellite Food Locations at Home

When we are hungry or may want to grab a drink, chances are you have to run down to the kitchen to get it. But thanks to innovative designs, you don’t need to do that anymore. Most people these days create satellite locations in their home, making it ideal to grab any food or drink in places where they frequent or are held up most of the time.

Among the places include:

The Den Bedroom Library Living Room

So if you have the time to effectively place a satellite f

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Antique Furniture in the Limelight

During furniture shows, you would think that modern and new furniture that are offered in the market would perhaps garner all the attention. But apparently, there are people who have an eye out for antiques and apparently that is the case when most people paid more attention towards the antique furniture that was on hand at the Woodland Handicraft Industries’ furniture fair at Muslim library in Bistupur.

There are still some people who prefer the old-fashioned style of furnitur

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Handmade Townsend Split Table

In times where people cannot find the right furniture to suit their home needs, there are some who have the talent to create such with the right vision and craft. Such was the story of one Bruce Marsh who made first few pieces some years ago when he was not able to find the suitable ready made furniture.

Now as it turns out, discovering the talent of making your own furniture has enabled Marsh to go into business, accepting orders that are handmade. Among the home furniture

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Get Your Furnishings at

If you are in need of new stuff to put in your home, open your computer and just log on to Homelement is a leading retailer and supplier of stylish home furnishings and thanks to its partnership with Mercado, finding the right element for your home has never been made easier.

Choose from among your needs ranging to furniture you will need in your dining room, living room and bedroom. You are bound to get one that suits your taste and needs

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eBuffet Unveils New Dining Room Sideboards

Having a party? Well normally in parties, where to place food other than the dining table may become an issue, especially if you talk about not having the luxury of space. Buffet-type of occasions will leave you and your guests finding other places where to eat and put your plates and glasses on. Worst, it may even ruin other furniture through stains and scratches. But not anymore!

eBuffet has released a sleek looking sideboard that can address such food placement problems.

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PC Bay Computer Toaster

CrazyPC 2.5 Bay Toaster

We have seen a lot of weird things to enhance our computers but surely this makes sense. When we wake up in the morning, the first thing we may want to check is our email or read the online newspapers. While in front of the computer, one thing you would want is your morning coffee and some toast to go. But one thing you may not want is to spend time heating that old loaf since time is of essence especially if you have to get ready for work. With

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