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SKIR Champagne Flute Glasses


Hosting a dinner party any time soon? Well then impress your guests by getting the SKIR Champagne flute glasses. The best part? They look great and don’t send you to the cleaners. Each glass in unique since its mouth-blown and handmade. A set of two costs $9.99.

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Mobile Dining Stowaway Table

Now here is something lush for the people who want flexible dining options in their home. Great for the people who don’t have the luxury of space, the Mobile Dining Stowaway table was designed by Nobuhiro Teshima which can easily fold away and adjust its height according to the owner’s preference. It could be useful for outdoor dining as well especially if you don’t have the luxury of tables stored in your home somewhere in your home.

(Source) Crib Candy

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The Sushi Clock

For the people who are crazy about Japanese food, apply some sushi-based themes into your home with the Sushi Clock. As you would guess, this is a clock that takes the form of a bowl with all the types of Sushi you can ever thing of.

It looks close to being real so don’t be surprised if you suddenly get the urge to grab those chopsticks and order some Sushi all of a sudden! It would be a great clock to have in the kitchen or dining room.

Price: $305.00

(Source) Japanese Trend

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Skull Wallpaper

Statutory Warning: The next product is not for the faint-hearted.

If you are all about Skulls & Bones (not just the secret society) and like your designs to be morbid, then do check out the Skull Wallpaper – Bronze Flock on Oil Slick. The trademark paper is adorned by skulls in a reflective bronze, deep pile velvet on light-catching, iridescent base, using ink which changes colour as you walk past it – through reds, greens, blacks and golds.

For some strange reason, I can imagine this in Gossip Girl’s Chuck Bass room! What say?You can order this work of art (

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The Mighty Wine Tree

Here is something different if you want a reliable storage and showcase for your wine collection. The Mighty Wine tree serves as a handy storage tree where you can place and pick out the wines you want to sip along with your guests. Designed by Kendall LeCompte, the big version can hold up to 17 bottles while the smaller one can accommodate 10. Great for wine lovers and collectors who want to see that their collection is safe and clean.

(Source) Yanko

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Fruit Bowl made from Bamboo Chopstick!

Here’s a rather interesting kitchen/dining room piece, a fruit bowl made from bamboo chopstick!  As someone who is fluent in chopstick-use for the last 25+ years, this is something I can appreciate.  Now, I only wish you can actually use the chopsticks and put it back on the bowl when not.  Well, maybe I am asking for too much.

These awesome bamboo shopstick bowls can be had for

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IKEA SKIR Glass Series

If you fancy mouth blown glasses to their mass-produced counterparts, then do check out the new SKIR Glass Series from IKEA. Available on the IKEA US website, each pair retails for $9.99. The glasses are dishwasher-safe and have been designed by P Amsell and B Wesslander.

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IKEA KARLSTAD Sofa Bed Slipcover

The KARLSTAD Sofa bed slipcover is a new addition in the IKEA catalogue. The cover makes it easy to give your furniture a new look and can be kept clean by washing it in the machine. Tord Björklund has designed this particular pattern and if you fancy it then you can order it for $149.00.

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The IKEA PS SÅGA Chair can be purchased in a set of six or more, as they can serve as fantastic dining chairs. Those who don’t fancy buying them as dining chairs can also keep one or two in the bedroom thanks to its funky design. Retailing for $69.99 a piece, the chair is made of solid wood, a hardwearing natural material and has a scooped seat for additional sitting comfort.

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Hot Dog Rotisserie

For the people who are crazy about sandwiches (hotdogs in this case), here is a handy kitchen gadget to have in your home. Called the Hot Dog Rotisserie, this is one device that can easily aid you in making sandwiches the traditional way without worrying about the greasy and oil way of cooking up those sumptuous hotdog sandwiches.

It cooks 4 hot dogs on the non-stick rollers and can warm two buns at once. The fat from the hot dogs or sausages drips down into an easy to clean tray so you stay nice and healthy. Well, as healthy as you can be eating hot dogs.

Price: £29

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