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Orchard Bed

The Orchard Bed is perfect for beach houses or shacks in tropical islands. Made of natural  handwoven rattan , this cottage-style bed is rafted of sturdy rattan pole and hand-wrapped in black rattan core, with a wide plaited border accenting every curve. You can order it from the Crate&Barrel website.

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The Saddle Chair

While the Saddle Chair does seem to have a lot of bumps integrated with its design, it seems obvious why it was christened with that name. The chair was designed to soothe the curves that a rider has to deal with and actually mimics the rise and fall of valleys.

The Saddle Chair is available in two colors and is made of tanned leather for its rustic-like appearance.


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The Double Decker Bus Cum Hotel Concept

Here is another hotel on wheels courtesy of Aritside Antonas. The Double Decker Bus Cum Hotel boasts of a bedding capacity for seven and also features a water closet and a living room.

For the people living in campers or motor homes, the Double Decker Bus Cum concept should be something which will take you to the next level.


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Circular Walking Bookshelf

Here is something made for the bookworms. Especially for the people who often want to have multiple books handy, this is one bookshelf that should easily fit into the future.

If you want a new book to read, take a step or two and you can choose a new book to read. This should add some exercise for your home needs as well eh?


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Want something sexy and sophisticated in your bedroom? Then the Harry Bed is just what the soul needs. Decadent yet comfortable, the bed is upholstered in leather and you can also order it as  an ottoman make use of the space underneath the bed as storage .

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Offers On IKEA Kitchens

If you are planning to go the whole nine yards when it comes to your kitchen, then make a stopover at IKEA. The Swedish giants are offering discounts on kitchen as well as home appliances. Head over here for all the details.
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The Touch Light Concept

They may seem like a familiar mold, taking the shape of nails which would normally be a therapeutic solution for people seeking acupuncture solutions. But offering some glow, these are really porcupine-like lighting solution for any home.

The Touch Light Concept is made up of about a million little quill-like bulbs that only come on once you stroke them. Something futuristic and neat for any modern home, these are new lighting concepts that should fit in perfectly and easily for any home.

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Cinderella Art Objects

This isn’t the first time we have seen furniture to be given some perks. In this case, Cinderella Art Objects are being paired, giving you some hints of a Cinderella-like design. They are attachable decorations for ordinary furniture which enable you to let your furniture line stand out above the rest.

Everything is mass produced these days with the rise in popularity of brands like Pottery Barn, etc. So you can make your furniture stand tall in these gorgeous heels. Cinderella gives

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Clean as You Go with the Sanidoor

We would perhaps be careful when it comes to touching public doors for hygiene and health protection issues and the Sanidoor may yet address the need of being safe when using public toilets. With the Sanidoor, doors are automatically opened through a swipe of your hand.

Sanidoor is meant to be used for public bathrooms in restaurants or hospitals, or maybe even your own home. Currently the Sanidoor site boasts a slew of merchants who already are using their technology.


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Offer On Modernica Case Study Bed Series

If you really like the Modernica Case Study Bed Series then you will be pleased to know that the company is offering free shipping and no tax on all purchases. This offer is valid from April 19 to April 30th and all single, full, queen, standard + California king beds are eligible.

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