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Gold and Platinum Art Work Tiles

If you are planning any bathroom remodeling soon, these tiles from Original Style from Exeter should add some flare to your designing needs. They are priced about $620 each and were made using precious metals like 24ct gold and platinum.

They even features a reproduction of the painting ‘The Kiss’ by Gustav Klimt! A limited edition creation, the design of this tile reportedly took 3 years to develop and the finished product is said to have been fired 17 times

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Apollo Tabletop Fireplace

Odorless fireplaces have been coming out but the Apollo Tabletop Fireplace should be something worth checking out. Aside from providing the expected heat and warmth, this is one fireplace that is quite lush where all you have to do is fill the tank beneath it, slide up the lids for some protection from being burned and you get an awesome fire source to provide some ambiance and warmth.

The fire can burn between 3 to 4 hours and should be a neat add-on for any contemporary to modern home.


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The Welcome Mat Carpet

We know for a fact that welcome mats would normally be found at the front door. But for some reason, someone thought of making it into a room’s actual rug flooring. Now it is an idea but as far as ambiance and design is concerned, it may not necessarily be that appealing.

Also, it may give the person the wrong idea that they are always welcome there or inversely, being sarcastic. Good idea but it may not be the best one to have for your home.


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Lighted Patio Umbrella

Here is a cool looking piece of lighting solution, lighted patio umbrellas which you can consider using for your backyard or patio. Called the Po’light umbrella, it makes a great focal point on your patio or deck, by the pool or in the yard.

These lighted umbrellas features a central mast with an internal LED system, topped by a circular, waterproof umbrella while at the base, a metal foot stylishly conceals the electrical connections. Two round tables are available wit

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The Bouquet Coffee Table

Here is a neat looking table for the people who are on the prowl for unique and inspiring table designs. The Bouquet Coffee Table was made by Kenneth Cobonpue, carrying a simple and modern design.

The whole table top sits on slim, metal legs bearing a floral design which is also etched into the actual table top, creating a f

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DIY LED Deck Lighting

Normally this design would come in great for the Christmas season but thanks to LED technology, you don’t really have to worry about wasting much energy because it will not really escalate your electric bill. Rather, you get a cool and futuristic looking deck, something many would refer as Tron-like.

You can actually do it yourself. All you need are 12 LED rope lights and place it as strategically as you prefer.

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The Inflatable House

For the home owners who are wary of spending so much for house expansions, here is a solution for you. Called the inflatable house, it can provide you with the additional room requirement/s which is made from modular and cellular sections that simply zip together.

The inflatable shed also provides natural light with aid of modules in plugging panels that can contain a door or a window. The side zip closing system provides for the ventilation of the internal space.


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Baby Limbs Hooktastic Coat and Key Rack

This may seem creepy and weird but you just never know what would pop up in the minds of people. Coat and key racks come in various forms and designs but making use of baby limbs does seem kinda weird.

They are apparently from dolls and if you want to get something positive out of it, you may conclude that these were used from discarded or old dolls. Well, spooky or not, if you are interested in these racks, you can get one over at Etsy for $59.


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IKEA Bedroom Planner Software

Doing up your bedroom can always be tricky especially if you cannot afford or want an interior decorator. If you want your bedroom to be hip and trendy without burning a hole in your pocket, then I suggest you download the IKEA Bedroom Planner Software from here.

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IKEA MALM 6 Drawer Chest

IKEA US is offering a $10 discount on the MALM 6 Drawer Chest. It is available in a painted finish of black or white. The drawer will look great in a contemporary setup thanks to its sleek likes and no fuss design.

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