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Preventive Measures for Bunk Bed Users

As far as sleeping on bunk beds is concerned, no one can really tell if any real danger exists unless there is some horseplay that would be happening especially around the kids. One thing you have to consider as well is that stuff lying around anywhere can be a hazard to anyone who has a room full of things lying around in all the wrong places.

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Slide Bunk Bed – Multicolor

Color, playtime and sleep. That is what best sums up the Slide Bunk Bed – Multicolor making it a great gift for kids who want everything under their wing. We all know how hyperactive kids can be at times and how striking colors infatuate them in a way to get them to stay in their rooms and eventually get their required rest and

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Camping Cot

Normally at given breaks and vacations, families would want to go out and explore the wildlife. Now when you are going out, camping is sure to be one of the possible agendas. But while you are sure to have your camping gear with you, it would be wise to consider this camping cot to ensure that you have something to lie on.

Key Specifications/Special Feat

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Silentnight Pink Sleepover Chill Out Bed


For sure, kids will ask their parents if their friends can sleep over. Rather than seeing their own sleeping out elsewhere and worrying about what they could be doing, parents would normally agree to it.


With that in mind, it would be best to have a good bed to accommodate your kid’s guests. The Silentnight Pink Sleepover Chill Out bed offers a different kind of

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Use SiteHoppin’ to find new “bed” related sites!

You might have noticed a big bar on top of our blog about SiteHoppin’. It’s a new search engine that lets you find new interesting sites simply by hoppin’. (clicking on the SiteHoppin’ button)

What does this do for Bedzine readers?

Well, you can find new sites related with “beds” simply by clicking the SiteHoppin’ button instead of searching on Google or elsewhere.

SiteHoppin’ also allows you to subm

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Bean Bag Animal Bed

Got an extra Kleenex box and scissors and glue? With a little creativity, an empty Kleenex box turns into a fun bed for your kids’ bean bag stuffed animal friends. Perfect for Beanie Babies. You can make this bed out of a Kleenex box and Con-Tact paper in any design.


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Too Lazy To Rise From Bed this Christmas

One thing about getting out of bed is that you have to condition yourself with the climate conditions. Ideally, people hate to get out of beds. They would rather lie down rather than get up and try to be active.

But wait, you forgot something to consider as well. How about the climate condition? Realistically, when you are sleeping under good climate such as c

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Bargain Beds when Everything Must Go

At any point in a year, bed stores will most likely offer sale on slow moving furniture. Some of them are high in quality and some may not be easily affordable on any normal day. But while bed stores are waiting for them to be sold, there are some who need to clear out their inventory and stock room to make way for new p

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In Sickness and In Bed

When we get sick, chances are we cannot simply rely on medicine intake to make us well again. Lying in bed and getting the proper rest for battered bodies together with the common medicine recommended by doctors for fevers or flu is something equally important as well.

Ideally, we would have no choice but to stay in bed in t

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Which Bed Would You Buy?

Bed buying can be a dilemma at times, especially when you find yourself at a bed store, trying to find out what good bed you can consider to use as the complimentary phase of completing homes is concerned. Ideally, beds would be available in the following forms:

Platform Bed Bunk Bed

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